Precious People

Come, let's put on our eyes of love;
I think we have a few pairs,
There's something to see, trapped between the layers of their lives,
What you do not expect to recognize --
The treasure,
The golden light,
The greatness and the beauty and the sweetness and
Everything we hope to find
In Paradise.
They never seem to see it, no,
They don't really believe in it --
Their innocense,
Living out a life sentence instead of a life.
You must look behind
The bitter facial lines,
Accusing glares,
Smirking mouths,
Attacking stares.
You can see through their walls
And down their halls
Into their secret cellars of light --
Golden treasures locked up tight.
Precious people.
We were made to be the lovers;
Not to waste our time in fear.
Come, let's put on our eyes of love and see--
Precious people.

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