Dusty Road

Walking down a dusty road
Beside the everyday people,
You saw their despair and reached out your hand.
They followed you for a while, and you healed their diseases --
Walking down a dusty road,
A dusty road.

When you spoke of a better way,
The way of Truth,
They turned away from you and left, empty-handed.
You stood there holding life in your hand,
And they went walking down a dusty road
With what they could not let go.

Just a phantom of you was all that they could do,
And the phantom went walking down the corridors of Time.
He never looks the same,
But they always claim to know him –
Walking down a dusty road.

You stood there
At the intersection with a street of gold,
But they went walking down a dusty road,
A dusty road.

from "Jesus Songs" collection

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