Invasion of Love

Let Love invade their hearts with sorrow for their deeds of hate;
For the pain they have spitefully or coolly inflicted,
Let them perceive how broken and diseased they have become.
Let the veil be lifted from their eyes.
Let their knees kneel under the weight of this terrible understanding,
beneath the quake that releases the sobs of their remorse;
So that even these beings can be healed,
And see their Beauty as a stranger coming to rescue them from their dungeons.

Pity the haters, the manipulators and defilers of truth and beauty, the destroyers.
Send them pure love that seeps through tiny crevices and cracks of the strongest fortresses,
Or builds to a great wave that no malevolence can face.
Only love can dissolve hate.
Only light can purify the mind.
Only forgiveness can bring peace.

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