If all the world’s a stage,
Let us not limit the parts we play.
Our masks will be our liberation.

You look at me and think you know me.
I see your face, so familiar, and ask no questions.
These faces hide us behind their settled arrangements
While drawers of masks lie in swirling silences
Awaiting turns to unlock our hidden treasures.
In our secret chambers before our moonlit mirrors
We try them on.

Tremble at their gruesome grimaces.
Swoon from their mad hilarities.
Melt in their enlightened loveliness.
Wander beneath their solemn gazes into the infinities.
Inquire into their ancient origins . . .

If we bring them out into the sunlight
Will the Sun hide his face?
Or will he laugh and beam and peer back on us with longing
As he swells and sinks into the last blaze of our day,
Wishing he could slow the spin of the Earth
Now that he has seen those faces the Moon scarcely knows
And of whom only the Stars can sing
As they twinkle from our eyes
And pierce easily through zombie fogs.

And what, then, will we see in each other
If we do not shield our eyes?
Always something new in the features we recognize
For we have as many faces
as the Sky.
sherry fraley, 2007

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