On Outliving Monsters

Monsters that haunted me
I ceased to fight
Fierce holds loosened
Malicious lights in raging eyes dimmed
Gutteral rumblings and restless growls
Were assuaged by great gulps of silence.

Accusers who sat in judgement
I ceased to debate
Rinsed the grime of their documents from my hands
and walked out into the Loveliness
breathing earth and drinking sky.
Those old courtrooms held no jurisdiction
Over the fate of my soul.

I did not conquer all my fears. I out-lasted them.
My adversaries shriveled and starved
In the absence of my round stares.

There were books I did not need to finish, after all
I could simply lay them aside and find better stories.
If I open the old tomes now,
Their power to enthrall and magnetize has dissolved.
Their scowls and whimpers fall through my consciousness like sand through a sifter
Until shining nuggets alone remain.

sherry fraley, 2007

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