Beloved Satellite

Our night without you so dark
Our waters unmoved by tidal breaths
Waxing and waning womb gone from our sky
If you were set free

Thrall of Earth
Enthralling, in turn, the Earth and her children
She can hide no surface from your face
While you show only your face to Her

You are Mystery embodied
Pulling desire from our hearts in silvery threads
Growing heavy with promise
And shrinking to a sliver of longing

Cradled and gazing on far-away suns
Where you journeyed in your ancient freedom
You take our hearts with you into your dream
Under the refuge of the encroaching Shadow

Sherry Fraley


Anonymous said...

Hello! Well, I'm Micaela from Argenina. And i'm 17 years old. I was just passing by blogs, and i found yours very interesting!...Well, keep on writing like you do, because its really nice to read it! xD

Well, thats all!
see ya!

Sherry said...

Thanks to you Micaela for visiting my blog. Feel free to visit and comment often!

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