The Work You Do

If you don't believe
In your most golden thoughts
Of what life should really be,
Then who will make it be?
No one but you.
No one but you
Can do the work that you can do.
Living out your days,
Dripping Time from a bottle,
Drops more precious than gold,
Oiling the wheels
Of the machine that enslaves you.
Oh Children of the Earth,
Children of the Earth,
Children of the Earth,
If you do not embody
Your most precious hope,
Your most splendid vision of what life can be,
Then who?


Anonymous said...


enthusiasm for life as long as the opportunity exists !

We are ALL on limited time~

props and carrots,


zoetree said...

In the enigmatic words of David Bynre: "Time isn't holding us. Time isn't after us." or the less enigmatic but more inspiring words of Richard Mullins: "Live like you'll die tomorrow. Die knowing you'll live forever."

Anyway, Time is more of a puzzle to me than it used to be. Sometimes I feel like I've wasted too much time, but if I have, there's no use moaning about it now. On the other hand, Time can be less constrictive than we usually perceive it to be if we learn how to respect time and dance with time.

I do think we lose a lot of our time to actions we care nothing about in the long run, except to get a paycheck and survive. That's what I'm trying to break free from.

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