Lighthouse (Look to Me)

Oh ship searching for harbor
in a dark and stormy sea--
Look to me,
Look to me.
My foundation firm in rock and soil,
connecting each new stone secure,
along the spiral to the stars i rise--
all to shine the light,
all to shine the light.

The beam slices through the darkness.
The harbor waits.
Your heart is reaching out
to the lighthouse.

Hear the crashing waves
from the safety of the shore
as the gulls swoop and gather.
There is a path here to walk
and homes along the way,
new lives to be birthed into the world.
You journey through the desert, over mountains,
wilderness and perilous, shining cities
until you stand beside me once again.

Your heart rises to your eyes.
Salty water spills onto
the beautiful broken empty shells.
Deep colors above us brighten into gold
and the molten giant rises from a vast liquid horizon.

A ship waits.
Gulls cry.

I stand here between the land and sea,
rising to the living sky,
all songs singing through me,
reaching out to the longing in you.

You know me as refuge, as friend,
always leaving me to find me anew.
Your heart goes wherever you go,
abiding in your eyes,
gazing now at sea, now land, now sky.

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