The Hermit and the Fool

Oh the Hermit and the Fool
Walk through the moonlit night
And the hermit doesn’t see the fool is there
He finds a lovely spot
A mossy little clearing
Sets his lantern down upon the dewy ground
And walks the circle on the edge of the light

Head bowed just a little
Eyes half closed
A very gentle bounce in the knees
And a very slight tap with his staff on the earth
As he trances to the edges of the universe

And all the while the fool skips and sways
In circles around the hermit
Each small tap of the hermit’s staff
Stokes the fire of the fool’s desire
And each little nod of the hermit’s head
Dips into the deepest pool--
The heart of the fool

The moth in his brain dances with the flickers of the light
The firefly in his eye searches out the treasures of the night
In the forest of the hermit

Then in his trancing dream
The Hermit sees the Fool
And gathers him to his heart
Like an old forgotten friend who never leaves
Like a new remembered joy that always stays
On the edges of the circle
And in every movement of their dance

Sherry Fraley, 2007

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