Shiny streets in a wet metro night
Another shopping town
Movies houses and malls
Construction banners and coffee shops
Restaurants by the score
All you can eat
And much much more
Blah blah blah

Even as we scurry about the suburban surface
Our souls have frozen into waiting
For a time when this will all make sense
When corners will be neat and secure
And bundles will be laid out brightly and sweetly
Beneath an Evergreen

One true thought
One feeling uncensored
Would free us

All we’ve been taught of reigning in
We’ve learned too well
We’re waiting for enlightenment, ascension, Armageddon
The return of someone we never really knew
Waiting for science to save us
Waiting for religion to accept us
Waiting for politicians to wise up
Waiting for a piece of paper to validate us
Waiting for that first big break to empower us
Waiting to be excellent

In dreams we wander old haunts not knowing we are dead
Gazing longingly into bright and brassy blurs
Searching for a flicker from one pure beam of light which holds all we seek
Not knowing it has moved on with the expansion of Eternity
Where permissions are neither sought nor granted, bought, nor sold
Where nothing waits or remains unchanged

Where one true thought
One feeling uncensored
Would wake us, free us, set us in motion
To find home at last on the Path that never ends

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